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What to Look for When Visiting Nursery Schools

Posted by Andrea Dominic Lubrano on Jan 22, 2018 4:45:21 PM

You want the best for your child—so what should you be looking for when you visit a nursery school? So much goes into a family’s final decision: Teachers, program, facilities, transportation, and cost, just to name a few.

Barring extraordinary circumstances, no parent would pick a school without visiting. It is important to have a sense of what is important before you visit, and to make sure you ask a consistent set of questions and make a consistent set of observations.

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3 Tips for Evaluating Nursery Programs

Posted by Andrea Dominic Lubrano on Dec 11, 2017 3:59:31 PM

Parents decide to enroll their children into nursery programs for many reasons. Sometimes it’s so that the child can begin building social skills and become accustomed to being around other children so that the transition to preschool and kindergarten is easier; sometimes it’s to begin laying a solid academic foundation; sometimes it’s because busy schedules mean that both parents are working, and there is no other option. Often, it’s all of the above!

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Five Keys to Finding an Extraordinary Nursery Program for Your Child

Posted by Andrea Dominic Lubrano on Apr 13, 2017 9:57:51 AM

Beyond Academics

LS-kids-running-sm.jpgHappiness is key--happy students and happy teachers are at the core of a strong Nursery program. Nursery School is a child’s foundational school experience, and the best Nurseries will start by creating a classroom that welcomes students and their families into an environment that is loving, safe, and fun. Classrooms should be filled with opportunities to build academic and social skills through play and hands-on learning. When researching and choosing a Nursery School, parents should look for a program that partners with families to raise confident, creative, collaborative, and kind students who will have the tools they need to move into their school years confident, curious, and ready to learn.

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