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What Role Can Parents Expect To Play in an Independent School Education?

Posted by Lydia Martin on Oct 9, 2017 2:15:16 PM

The process of deciding whether your child should attend a public school or an independent school is profoundly important: There are so many factors that you must take into consideration before making a final decision. What are the pros and cons of an independent school education compared to a public school? How will my child get to and from school? And, of course, are there opportunities for me to be more involved in my child’s education?

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What Makes an Independent School Education Different?

Posted by Lydia Martin on Oct 9, 2017 2:02:25 PM

If you’re considering enrolling your child in an independent school, then you’ve probably put a lot of thought to figuring out just what makes an independent school education different than a public school education.

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The Pros and Cons of an Independent School Education

Posted by Lydia Martin on Sep 26, 2017 9:00:00 AM

When it comes to selecting a school for your child, there are a lot of factors to consider. Should my child attend a public school, or an independent school? What are the pros of my child attending a private school? What are the cons? 

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Bring out the best in your adolescent: what the right culture can do for your Middle School child

Posted by Lydia Martin on May 18, 2017 4:00:00 PM

Many parents assume that Middle School has to be an awkward transition from the happy, self-contained classrooms of elementary school and the exciting wider world of high school, but that doesn’t have to be the case! When you send your Middle School child to the right school, you can unleash your child’s possibilities. And it all starts with a school’s culture.

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Experts agree: Kids need fiction to succeed in school and life

Posted by Lydia Martin on Jan 13, 2017 3:23:35 PM

"Reading lets you slow down and get perspective, and gives you the ability to get in somebody else's shoes, two things that are invaluable to me." President Obama

A growing body of research concludes that when kids read fiction, worlds open! When children relax into reading a good story, they lose themselves and are swept into a different world. This is a quiet and enjoyable pastime, but little do kids realize, it is so much more. 

Children who read or listen to stories realize cognitive and imaginative benefits. They learn to interpret and infer information in important ways. A story comes to them with holes they will fill in with their imaginations. What does a character look like? Why is a character behaving that way? Over time, these readers are increasing their understanding of human behavior.
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