Can Schools Create Leaders?

Oct 09 2015
On chromosome 11 there is a gene associated with leadership. Variants of this gene enhance sociability, conscientiousness, and courage - traits we associate with leaders. But a few strands of protein are not enough to determine the course of a life. Genes may set the stage, but true leadership is a passion as well as a trait, one that can be developed and nurtured through education and opportunity.

16494299945_514a27dcda_o-1Our rapidly changing world demands visionary, creative, and morally steadfast leaders who do not confuse arrogance with courage, who can balance power with modestly, and who can be conscientious without being rigid. It cries out for leadership fueled by passion and compassion.

Good schools recognize that cultivating leaders is serious work - a responsibility. They focus on developing and refining students’ skills and knowledge with an eye to the challenges of our time.

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AnnMarieThomasGr3Workshop_016_copy-1Great schools go further and awaken a fire for making a difference. Great schools offer an academic experience that develops curiosity, resilience, confidence, and compassion. They create ways for young people to collaborate and inspire each other when they see something wrong, and they support their growing ambition to lead.

Education at a great school begins by sparking creativity and innovation by honoring students as individuals. The confidence instilled by this level of respect emboldens students’ willingness to explore ideas without worrying that they might be different; and it empowers students to grasp the value of leadership in their own lives. Nothing will stand in the way of a young person with the knowledge, skills, and compassion to make a difference.

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