Top 10 Reasons to Consider Independent School

Posted by Friends' Central School on Feb 24, 2016 4:47:11 PM
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The joys of independent school might surprise you. Here are 10 reasons to think again about choosing an independent school for your child.

  1. High Academic Standards
    Independent schools set high academic standards and expect high achievement. When you enroll your child in a school where everyone works hard to succeed, it's contagious!
  2. Excellent teachers Who are Free from testing standards
    Independent schools attract passionate and talented teachers who are drawn to environments that give them more autonomy and less bureaucracy. Not teaching to the test leaves more time to teach students how to think.
  3. resized_for_blog_-_kristi.jpgPersonal attention
    Independent schools offer small classes with an expectation that each student will receive significant and individualized attention - that each child will be known, loved, and challenged.   
  4. Innovative and Exciting curriculum
    Independent schools can be nimble and change curriculum to serve our students in a rapidly changing world. Curriculum fully integrates critical thinking, substantial writing requirements, and hands-on discovery.
  5. A community drawn to a mission
    Independent schools are often mission-driven, creating a community of teachers, parents and students who are drawn by the same set of school values.
  6. Deep and lasting friendshipsresized_campus.jpg
    The depth of an independent school experience means that students get to know one another very, very well and that they often stay friends in the years following their graduations.
  7. Access to teachers and administrators
    Teachers and administrators in independent schools want to hear from you! There is an understanding that your child will be better served if parents work in partnership with teachers.
  8. cello_grant_resized_for_blog.jpgFocus on the Whole Child
    Yes, academic subjects are important, but there is more to your child; independent school teachers understand that educating your whole child is not only important but essential.
  9. Invested Parents 
    When you enroll your child in an independent school, you join a set of parents who are deeply invested in their children's experience and the outcome of this investment. 

  10. Curriculum that is broad and deep9.2.15_fcs_steam_070_7726-1.jpg
    Arts, music, PE, English, history, world languages, math, science, STEM education, clubs and extra-curriculars are all a part of each child's educational experience at an independent school.


Independent school can be a life-changing experience. There is no better proof of that fact than the voices of Friends' Central alumni/ae who reflect upon their education at Friends' Central with respect, gratitude, and fondness. 

"At FCS students, teachers, staff, and parents came together to create a positive, caring, and socially aware academic community. We felt free to contribute to discussions and approach teachers. The classroom discussions were inspired and the academic standards were high. I felt well prepared for college and life after." - Lawyer, US Dept. of Justice 

"I forged close and inspiring relationships with teachers who were equal parts instructor and mentor. I had the opportunity to pursue a breadth of intellectual and extracurricular activities, from Model UN to athletics and performing arts. I learned how to write and this gave me an incredible edge in college and graduate study." 

"The sciences and literature classes prepared me most for college and medical school. I had a professor my first year at Penn State give me an A in freshman English and told me that somewhere in my writing education I excelled past the rest of my current classmates. I owe much of this ability to write and communicate to FCS. My Advanced Biology class is still the foundation I use daily in medical school. I would not have gotten through college or the first few classes of medical school without it." - Second year medical student, Jefferson University Medical School

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