Letting Children Play May Be the Best Class of All

Oct 23 2015

original (1)From the morning news to the increasingly ubiquitous blogosphere, the messaging that more is more never stops. It is a seductive message that is leading educators and parents to value rigid pedagogic methods, overly structured environments, and an excess of programming. The pressure many parents feel to over program and to enroll their children in educational environments that rely on highly structured learning, risk all of us losing sight of the power that play possesses in shaping our children and their futures.

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In fact, research shows that a blend of hard work and play is the best formula for a fulfilling life. Ample scientific evidence clearly points out that children do best and learn best when their education is a blend of structured and unstructured, of both work and play. That is, play-based learning is crucial in early childhood development. As pioneers in the world of playful learning, Friends’ Central school has always Children-at-playbelieved that play motivates creativity, self-expression, and social development. Studies now indicate that play is even more important than previously realized. Skills like integrating information, adaptability, innovation, and understanding multiple perspectives, are all sparked when children play. Good news for kids, teachers and parents: skills and drills are important, but don’t forget to play!

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