15 FCS Seniors Tell Us What They'll Miss Most After Graduating

Jun 20 2018


High school graduation is a time of excitement. Excitement for what lies ahead: For college, for service, for work, for whatever that next step may be.

But graduation is also a time of reflection. It’s a time for students to think back on their friendships, on their challenges and accomplishments, on the good times—and even the bad times—not out of sadness that it is coming to an end, but out of joy that it has happened.

Self-reflection is a normal part of student life here at Friends’ Central. It’s one of our guiding principles. We encourage it in our students as well as in our staff, especially during emotional times—like the weeks leading up to graduation.

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That’s why we asked our graduating seniors to think back on their time as students here at Friends’ Central and tell us what they will miss most about being students here. Below are 15 of their responses, highlighting just what makes Friends’ Central and our community so special.

Alexandra (University of Chicago)

“I’m going to miss the sense of comfort and familiarity that Friends Central offers and that I’ve leaned on in these years in my life where everything has been rapidly changing. I’ll also miss Meeting for Worship, which has gratefully forced me to rest and reflect in times where my mind was on overdrive with all the work and college stress I tried to balance.”

Hope (Lafayette College)

“I’m going to miss the close relationships that I’ve developed with my teachers, and discussion based classes. I know that, going to a liberal arts school, I’ll will have access to these things, but it will be on a much smaller scale than I had at FCS.”

Grace (Gap year)

“I’ll definitely miss our theatre productions the most, as well as our awesome library and librarians.”

Drew (University of Southern California)

“The teachers! For the most part, a they really take pride in their jobs and want to see students succeed.”

Matthew (Boston University)

“I will most miss meeting for worship, because it gave us all a time to be silent and reflect on our week, month, year, and life.”


Julien (University of Pittsburgh)

“I’m going to miss everything! My advice to current and prospective students is to cherish the moments with your friends, and really take time to talk to your teachers—not only about classes, but about life in general, because they are intelligent and awesome people.”

Eva (University of Pennsylvania)

“I think that I will miss the clubs that I was a part of at FCS the most, because they definitely supplemented my education in a huge way, and I’ll miss the competitive nature that a lot of the clubs had. Many of my favorite moments took place in these club meetings.

Many of my other favorite moments were in the library, where I spent most of my free blocks and community blocks sitting with my friends (probably being too loud), having a great time while also getting work done.”

Jane (Drexel University)

“I’m most going to miss feeling safe 24/7 on campus, the community, and the many caring teachers.”

Annie (George Washington University)

“I will really miss the instrumental program with Mr. Bradley. The concerts and early morning jazz band every Friday were my favorite things. I’ll also really miss being a peer mentor. I loved my homeroom and getting to know the younger students so closely.”

Elena (Clark University)

“This sounds cheesy, but my friends! I truly don’t know what I would have done without them in high school.”


Galen (Williams College)

“I’ll miss my teachers, who were always checking in on me and doing their best to make sure I was learning and thriving. I’ll miss the staff, who I could always count on for a smile and friendly word no matter how bad a day it was. And most of all I’ll miss my friends, the ones I can’t imagine not seeing every day, and the ones I’m not sure I can go without.”

Miles (University of Pennsylvania)

“What I will miss most is the loving, communal environment and the teachers. I always felt at home at FCS and always felt comfortable learning and being myself. My teachers have been so kind and thoughtful, always putting the bestowment of their knowledge to their students above everything else. Together, the loving environment and amazing teachers create an institution that challenges its students but also gives them all the support they need making learning fun and never boring.”

Max (Colgate University)

“I’m going to miss the incredibly open and honest attitude.”

Gabrielle (University of Florida)

“I am going to miss the entire FCS community, especially all of my teachers and classmates. I have a lot of favorite moments at FCS, but some of my favorite Friends’ Central moments were performing during the Thanksgiving and Bollywood assembly. Another favorite moment of mine was going to the beach with my classmates during Sophomore year.”

Emily (Connecticut College)

“I will miss so many things about FCS. I will miss the fact that I have created such a strong connection with my teachers, I will miss the campus, I will miss meeting for worship and the amazing messages my classmates share, but most of all, I will miss my friends. I have created such an incredible bond with them and I will be forever grateful to FCS for giving me the chance to meet these people and create these friendships.”

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