Alexa Quinn '98

Alexa Quinn '98
Alexa has been the principal of Friends’ Central’s Middle School since 2012. She graduated from Friends’ Central School in 1998.
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8 Tips to Help Your Middle Schooler With Homework

Feb 01 2021

As a middle school educator, I often think back to my time as a sixth, seventh, or eighth grader and remember the things that were most challenging and rewarding about those years. One of the things.

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The Parents' Guide to College Planning in Middle and High School

Jan 18 2021

Although students typically begin applying to colleges during the fall of their senior year, preparation should actually begin much earlier than that. But how early is too early? And how can parents.

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5 Benefits of a Strong Middle School Advisory Program

Dec 28 2020

Middle school is a time of transition. Transitioning between schools, transitioning between social circles, transitioning physically and socially from children into teenagers. And like a lot of.

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